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Behind TamaraNY stands a young designer Tamar Tsomaia. Originally from the country of Georgia, Tamar moved to New York in 2013. After practicing law in her country, she decided to take a dramatic shift in her career and start a new life as a fashion designer. Even though Tamar pursued a legal career, her love to her true passion was unstoppable, it was undeniable even at a very young age when she started playing with her mom’s jewelry and making sketches on the walls at home. She graduated from the Art School in Tbilisi, Georgia, and continued studying fashion at FIT, NY. Tamars first created woman’s accessories line inspired by flowers and feminine energy, the collection was successfully sold out. After working with different companies in NY and Miami as an accessory and jewelry designer Tamar decided it was time for another step forward, and created her own company - “TamaraNY” based in Brooklyn studio. Later on Tamar launched TamaraNY clothing line. Her clothing and accessories are available online at tamarany.com.

TamaraNY combines two main looks, one is contemporary, another more settled and classic. Her style is inspired by the spirit of the modern art, nature, sculptures, cities, cultures. She uses different materials to create unique pieces of jewelry, accessories and clothing. charismatic, elegant, glamorous and reliable - that’s how TamaraNY differentiates its own niche.